Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kiki and Tashi: The Intro


Night Owls.
High Heels.
Chick Flicks.
Brownies. mmmm...brownies
Teddy Bears.


Kiki- musically inclined; Tashi- imaginatively articulate
Tashi- likes silence; Kiki- constantly listens to music
Kiki- loves children ; Tashi- finds them annoying
Tashi- loves yellows and pinks; Kiki- loves Midnight Blue
Kiki- talks to her food; Tashi- made out with her bookshelf
Tashi- lives by her laptop; Kiki- lives by her mp3
Kiki- loves romance, horror, and thriller; Tashi- all over the place
Tashi- lives like an only child; Kiki- siblings, siblings, siblings...
Kiki- loves veggies and hashbrowns; Tashi- loves candy and eggs
Tashi- needs personal space; Kiki- has never had any =[
Kiki- watching Role Models; Tashi- watching Freddy Krueger
Tashi- YouTube partners; Kiki- music updates
Kiki- passive-aggressive; Tashi- just aggressive
Tashi- a stressed out mess; Kiki- an emotional wreck
Kiki- plans ahead; Tashi- throws herself into things
Tashi- cats and rodents; Kiki- loves all animals
Kiki- a morning person; Tashi- are you kidding??
Tashi- lazy; Kiki- helpful
Kiki- active; Tashi- sleeping
Tashi- Girly; Kiki- Rocker
Kiki- Autumn; Tashi- Summer!!!
Tashi- Carnations; Kiki- Daffodils
Kiki- patient; Tashi- NOW!
Tashi- obsessive; Kiki- passionate
Kiki- Awesome; Tashi- Lame x]

There you have it. 12 similarities and 25 differences. Why are we best friends again? =p

<3 Kiki

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Haha this is soo true.
Except the rocker/girli part. Neither of you are totally defined by either. Lol

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