Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Fun: A Twilight Comic I Stumbled Upon

Since you can't see the wording:

Bella: Like, Hi! My name is bella and I'm a special and unique snowflake and I'm so pretty and nerds are so lame! Also, all the teachers at school think I'm sooo awesome!

Edward: Hi. I am Edward and I am a vampire. I have no personality and you and I are void of any kind of actual chemistry.

Bella: Oooo, you're pretty! We should be in love! Let us frolic!

Edward: Okay.

Random Girl on Phone: Okay, Father? I lit the book on fire but I don't think that did the trick. I can feel it...watching...Look would you please just come over and exorcise the thing?....Please?

Tashi <3

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