Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Huge Thanks to Katie Alender!

For holding a contest for a signed copy her new novel Bad Girls Don't Die, a custom tote bag, and an eye pillow. I won! I'm so excited to read and review this novel! If you'd like to learn about Katie, her website is here.
Just check out this synopsis: To the world, fifteen-year-old Alexis Warren is just a pink-haired troublemaker. She doesn’t have any real friends, and her parents are way too wrapped up in their own problems to bother with hers. Pretty much the only things Alexis can count on are the photographs she creates in her darkroom and her little sister Kasey.
One night, to help take Kasey’s mind off a vicious family argument, Alexis makes up a story — the first thing that comes to mind, really, just a harmless fairytale about a little girl with no friends. But Kasey seems to take the whole thing a little too seriously. Before long, she’s actually bringing parts of the story to life — and people are getting hurt.
Alexis knows she has to find a way to stop her sister before something terrible happens. But with no friends and no help from her parents, she’s basically on her own — until help turns up in the unlikeliest form — Alexis’ archnemesis Megan Wiley, who happens to be the captain of the cheerleading squad.
Better yet, view this amazing trailer.

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