Sunday, July 12, 2009

First Review: My Soul to Lose by Rachel Vincent

Synopsis:It was supposed to be a fun day, shopping at the mall with her best friend. Then the panic attack started and Kaylee Cavanaugh finds herself screaming, unable to stop. Her secret fears are exposed and it's the worst day of her life.Until she wakes up in the psychiatric unit.She tries to convince everyone she's fine--despite the shadows she sees forming around another patient and the urge to scream which comes burbling up again and again. Everyone thinks she's crazy. Everyone except Lydia, that is. Another patient with some special abilities....

My Soul to Lose is a prequel to Rachel Vincent's upcoming novel, My Soul to Take. It introduces Vincent's writing style, as well as the main characters and a small portion of the plot. It is available FREE at eHarlequin right now.

My Soul to Lose is 70-page publicity stunt to entice the reader into buying My Soul to Take. And it totally works! I want my copy right now. I plan on buying it the day it comes out, if I can't find some way to get it sooner. I just know this novel is going to be an interesting read.
My Soul to Lose chronicles the main character, Kaylee's, trip to a shopping mall with her best friend Emma, and gives the reader a glimpse at Kaylee's "special ability". I find Kaylee quite lovable and relateable. I found humor in her aversion to sparkles, and I can't wait to read more of her thoughts in the upcoming book.
I found Kaylee's best friend, Emma, less lovable, however. She is a good friend to Kaylee, but her personality rubs me the wrong way. Although her actions ooze loyalty, her words make her seem like the type to turn easily.

The character Lydia was mysterious and interesting, and I can't wait to dive into her story and figure out her "abilities".

My favorite character, however, probably won't make an appearance in My Soul to Take. I found Mandy, a minor character and another psych ward patient, humorous and inviting, and I'm sad that she most likely will not be included in My Soul to Take.

All in all, My Soul to Lose was a great prequel that has me geared up for My Soul to Take, which I have no doubt will be a thrilling and successful novel.

Also, I recently found out there will be a second installment called My Soul to Save, and the cover art is slightly more to-die-for than My Soul to Take's, if that was even possible.

Plot: 7/10 Very interesting, but we haven't seen much yet.
Readability: 8/10 It kept me interested.
Character Development: 70 pages is not enough to develop characters.
Ending: 9/10 It really made me want to go out and get the next book.
Writing: 8/10 I particularly loved the way Vincent described Kaylee's panic attack.
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