Saturday, July 25, 2009

Water and a Teenager

Sallyhanan's Blog issued a challenge. Don't look at your screen. Write something about a teenager and water for 10 minutes. Edit Later.

I've always liked a challenge, so here it is. You can give me you honest opinion. Amateur would be a compliment for my writing. Seriously.



Drip .

The leaky faucet was driving Lina crazy. Between the telephone call in the middle of the night from some unnamed stranger and that damned faucet, she hadn’t gotten any sleep. She decided to get up and see what she could do about it. She let her foot press gently against the cold floorboards of her room, hoping they wouldn’t let out a groan and wake her sleeping family. Sleeping. Lucky them.

She felt her way to the kitchen, and placed a bucket beneath the leaky faucet. Better, she thought. Water burst from a hole to her left, jutting straight out of the wall. Why would water pour in from the side?, she wondered. Before her mind could even wrap around the word flood, the water began to pour from the ceiling.

Not from the sky above, but from the ceiling itself. A gushing waterfall of salty liquid, closing in around her, suffocating her. She tried to call out for help, but no one could hear. Why could no one hear? She was drowning, drowning in an ocean that had come out of nowhere to seal her in its grasp. “Angie!”, she cried out. But Angie couldn’t hear her. Angie was far away, drowning, drowning with no one to save her. Just like before. Just like always. Just like that night.

She gave up. Guilt was far heavier than the waves lashing against her face. She let herself sink to the bottom with a gurgle. She let all her hopes and dreams for the future slip away into black peace she found in the depths of the ocean.

Lina awoke with a start. Just a dream, she promised herself, just another bad dream. It was the same bad dream she’d had over and over again. The dream always ended the same way, with that last, slow gurgle.

She had to fix that faucet. She didn’t want its slow dripping seeping into her subconscious, igniting memories she’d much rather forget.

That's all folks. It's your turn now.

If you accept the challenge, let me know. I'd love to read it.

Tashi <3


Anonymous said...

Very good. Nice to read something by a talented writer. :) I liked you creaky floorboards, sinking to the bottom with a gurgle, and you've made me curious as to what her bad memories are.

pirate penguin said...

Oooh, this is very cool.

And thank you! I think you actually are the first to congratulate me on my 50 followers... I never thought I'd get so many people. :)

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