Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Wonder

Okay so I took a nap, and when I woke up, Wednesday was almost over. Yikes! So here's the Wednesday Wonder.

I wonder...Do you read prologues or epilogues?

Personally I rarely read prologues but I always read epilogues.

Also...How do you feel about series (What's the plural of series?) that never end? Do you cherish life-long characters or cry for stand-alones.

Personally, I think there's a four book maximum. I love this series called Fearless by Francine Pascal, but there are over 50 books. I own 15. Everything started going downhill around #9.



Color Online said...

Plural is serial, I believe.

I am not big fan of series. There are exceptions and I prefer finite series. I'm currently read Kim Dong Hwa's series, The Color of Earth, The Color of Heaven, forget the last.
It's a graphic novel with incredible art and the style of the story is traditional. Lots of metaphor but uncomplicated language. I could look up the synopsis and be more specific.

Anyhoo, thoroughly enjoying. Looking forward to reading the other books in the Aya series as well (another graphic novel).

MissAttitude said...

I always read epilogues. I have a really bad habit of reading the end of a book first and then reading it from the beginning.
I love the Private series by Kate Brian, but there's too many books. It just kinda drags on, and is really suspenseful but now I just want everyone to live happily ever after! I think there's like 10 of them which isn't as bad as the Fearless 50 books! I don't know how you read 50 books in a series!

a flight of minds said...

I read both prologues and epilogues. I'm not much of a skim reader. I read my books back to back, including author bios and acknowledgments.

I do find that series are great, but if they go on and on forever, it's annoying. I love the Private series too, but it could have been stopped after book 4 and that would be fine. Because there's a completely different ARC in the story. Also, like Gossip Girl. Why have a whole new series and whole new characters, but keep the name Gossip Girl?

- Alex

lulugirl_9 said...

I do read both prologues and epilogues. I like series. I just started one that has 15 in the series (they are tiny books) but so far its pretty good.
The 50 book series just made me go: WOW. That's a lot!

Enna Isilee said...

I always thought the plural of series is series. Kind of like the plural of sheep is sheep.

I always read prologues and epilogues. I LOVE prologues!

And I like series, but they have to be interesting. I hate it when I get 4 books into a 6 book series and then I get bored!

Sandra said...

Interesting questions.
I formed the habit of reading every single word in a book when I was a child and I've never been able to break it. I even read the index, bibliography, notes, etc. So yes, I read prologues and epilogues-always.
Series are good because the main characters are like someone you already know, you're comfortable with them from the first page. As long as the writer can sustain my interest and keep it fresh I enjoy a series. When things start to sound repetitive or stale I can abandon the series and there's no real loss since I've enjoyed several of them already. I think after 2 books in a series that don't satisfy I would move on.

Anonymous said...

Hello, from a new reader of your blog.

Anyway I always read both prologues and epilogues because I don't know if not reading them would mean I'd miss something.

As for series - I used to enjoy mostly series so that I could follow a set of characters for as long as possible. I had all the Star Trek (original series and the next generation) novelizations at one point. Yes each author had their own interpretation of the characters and everything but it was still generally the same characters.

Back then if I read stand alone stories I always ended up wanting to know more about what happened next - and so avoided reading stand alone stories. Now I think I've gotten used to the idea that I'm not going to know what happens next so it's easier to read them. Though there are still some stories that just cry for a sequel so more can be explained.

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