Friday, August 14, 2009

Freestyle Friday: Music Status

Has anyone heard of the band Never Shout Never! ?
He is brilliantly awesome!
Basically a one man band [well, with each video I see of him], Christofer Drew is one extremely talented dude. He usually is accompanied by his ukulele or his acoustic guitar, and those three friends make the sweetest music. The song Hummingbird on his Summer EP is one of the most beautiful acoustic love songs I've ever heard, especially to the ears to a teenage girl dreaming of love, like myself. =]
Most of his music is sweet and simple, not with all the fancy guitar solos and such, but with pure Indie music like that, it's truly a comfort and pleasure to listen to! His voice is highly recognizable and lovely to hear, and with the down-to-earth lyrics of love, peace, and friendship, it's a sheer joy to listen to him!
Check him out! He has a website!!! It's and you can also listen to him on and . You can see videos on and! =D i hope you all enjoy him!!! Leave a comment or something and tell me what y'all think!
Much loves! <---- to watch Hummingbird <3 <---- Trouble <----- Big City Dreams
<3 Kiki

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sounds good! Going to search for him on Spotify.

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