Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Musings

  1. I was sent home from school today because my bra straps were showing. I had to miss 3rd and 4th period, and I don't even have a 6th, so I had to come back to the school for one class. I am not happy about this, especially because 4th period is AP Chem, my hardest class. Oh, and there's the little fact that there is now a one-day in-house suspension on my record.*
  2. My friend accidentally hit me straight in the eye (and I mean perfect shot, you could hear the thwack) with a kidney bean while aiming for another friend. My eye still hurts a little, but at least it's not red or swollen anymore.
  3. A creepy guy said hello to me out of the window of his van on my way home from school. Now, he may have been a nice guy, but if you've ever been a 16 year old girl, you know that "nice guy" turns into "creepy old man" when he's talking to you out of a van window and you don't even know him.
  4. I came home to find a letter in the mail telling me I'm an AP Scholar with Honor, which made me really happy, until I realized that I should be an AP Scholar with Distinction, which is one level higher. I've just e-mailed the Collegeboard.
  5. I have a lab due tomorrow and I've barely had anytime for reading, even though the book I'm reading, A Wish After Midnight, has been amazing so far.
  6. I found this lovely post at Chasing Ray asking publishers if they just want publicity or they really want reviews that I think any book blogger will have some opinions on.
  7. The New Moon Trailer is awesome!

Well, today has not been my best day, but it could've been a million times worse, so I thank God for it anyway.

See you all tomorrow. :)

Tashi <3

*I am really against Dress Code, because I believe that a student and their parent should be able to choose what they deem appropriate to wear, as long as it is not offensive or distracting. I think putting rules in place that coincide with conservative values that some families, but certainly not all families, share, without allowing all students and their families a vote in the matter, is unfair, to say the least. I understand that the Dress Code is in place for the emotional and physical protection of some students, but some rules are obviously in place so that the school can make sure the kids don't look "ghetto" or tawdry. But that's a whole other post.


Blaize said...

Sorry about your lousy Monday! But at least today is bound to be better :)

zettaelliott said...

Ok, this sounds pretty close to the worst day ever...take care of that eye injury ("It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye!") and don't worry about reading right now...I hope today's better for you!

Tara said...

If you toss out all the rest, number seven still rocks.

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