Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Protagonists of Color

Justine Larbelestier, author of How to Ditch Your Fairy explains why none of her protagonists are White, despite the fact that she is White.

I think she's enlightened in a lot of ways, and you should read what she has to say. And I mean people of all colors should read what she has to say. Form your own opinion about it.

The post is here.
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MissA said...

Thanks for posting this link! It was really informative. I've heard good things about HTDYF, now I'm defintely going to put it in my tbr pile. Oh and Doret and I both replied to your It Chicks/GG post on my blog :)

Color Online said...

I wrote a lengthy response then failed to include my contact info and it was lost. I was none too happy about it.

I am glad I read the post. I definitely want to check out Ms. Larbalestier's work though I won't be reading HDYF. I'm not into fairies and I'm going to need a serious review to get me to change my mind. But I am interested in Ms. Larbalestier.

Here's my core concern: White teens will read a white author who features POC characters. Cool. That's not a stretch in my mind. I want to know when white teen bloggers are going to blog about POC authors who write POC characters, specifically, black writers. Asian and Latino writers who write either fantasy or chick lit get some exposure.

I've written about it, and I'll say it again. My experience since joining this arena is that white readers consistently ignore or state they never heard of writers I profile and most don't say they are interested in checking these writers out. And I have purposely featured books with the same premises as mainstream books with white characters.

I'm not accusing readers of racism. I am saying there is a racial issue here, and I'd like at some point for us to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

And a final word on HDYF, while the characters of the book are not white, the cover is ambiguous at best. It's as if the marketers are ensuring that white readers are not turned off.

There are memes that focus on covers so we all know how much a cover impacts our reading choices.

Readingjunky said...

Sent a couple emails your way. You are the winner of my blog contest for a signed copy of BOY TOY. Let me know your mailing address so I can send it your way.


Zetta said...

Great coverage of this issue, ladies!

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