Friday, August 21, 2009

Freestyle Friday: 10 Ways to Tell You're a Book Blogger

Freestyle Friday is pretty self-explanatory. Its basically IDOWATIWANT day. lol

10 Ways to Tell You're a Book Blogger
  1. You're writing reviews in your head while you're reading.
  2. You have to find new and creative ways to house your books.
  3. You'd rather be reading blogs and books than watching t.v.
  4. You've found your self saying "Crap! I forgot to post today!"
  5. You know what an ARC is.
  6. You drool over covers.
  7. You've e-mailed or interviewed some of your favorite authors.
  8. You're following a ridiculous number of book blogs.
  9. You check your e-mail and blogger first when you get on the Internet.
  10. When you walk into a bookstore, you feel like you've been wanting SO MANY books for so long, even though you've never seen any of them in person.

C'mon! Add to my list! How do you know you're a book blogger.


Kate said...

OMG! Some of these are so right

I found myself doing all except 2. This is crazy.

MissAttitude said...

This list is so true!!!
especially you'd rather be reading books and blogs than watch t.v. And this whole week I've been thinking 'oh snap! I forgot to post!
I would add you love alliteration and you know what a meme is.
Congrats on being nominated for Best name!

Color Online said...

Nodding my head to all.

You know you are a book blogger when your blog reading is competing with your book reading. (As if you need to read about more books.)

April said...

Hahaha, sooo true! Great post, it definetely had me laughing out loud.

April said...

Here's another, you know you are a book-blogger when you enter 100 million book contests a week!

Doret said...

What a spot on list.

You're constantly check your hits at sitemeter.

You have several books in your libaray queue.

Tara said...

How about when you can define the difference between high fantasy, low fantasy, and paranormal.

justanotherbookaddict said...

Number 3 is so true!
I gave you an award:


Mia said...

LOL I'm not a book blogger, but I still do more than half of these.

Demon Hunter said...

I followed your blog from Color Online and I'm glad that I did so. Congratulations on your nomination and hopefully you'll review my books, um, whenever I get published, that is. :-D

Nymeth said...

lol! Very, very true. I particularly relate to 1 and 10 :P

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