Monday, August 24, 2009

Muse- to the-ic Mon-to the-day

Ok, so here's my Artist of the Week!


This band I found so interesting I just had to share with you guys my discovery!

The sound is very different than what's going on in Southern Cali. It's more of a mixture of Folk Rock, Reggae, and Soul. I absolutely LOVE IT! When I hear their music, I think of a warm, hot, and sunny day in a unique, down-to-earth town shopping in an open-air market having a great time. I picture the ocean somewhere near-by and nice, friendly faces laughing lively and enjoying themselves. And there'd be music all around; music that flow the colors red, green, and black as I glance at a pair of sea shell necklaces. Where the air smells of sea salt, happiness and sunshine.

Basically, TOGUNA puts me in a good mood. =]

So, you must hear them out!
You can find some things on, but if you'd like a clear song, check them out on

Here's a song they did live in France.

Yes, its in french, but that just makes them more unique. =]

[but if you are wondering, yes, they do sing and have songs in english]

And here's an acoustic, live clip of the song Only One

I hope you guys like them!
Don't forget, I love listening to all kinds of things, so if you have any suggestions whatsoever, I would gladly listen. Leave comments or send a message!
<3 Kiki


zettaelliott said...

wow--performing at a newsdesk, and they still sound good! thanks for the introduction. (love the new look of your blog, btw)

Taste Life Twice said...

no problem! and thank you!!! =D

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