Monday, August 10, 2009

Lunes de Musica <3

Today, I shall be talking about my favorite band I discovered who isn't quite known, but wonderfully great nevertheless. They are called..

dun dun dunuh! [trumpets playing]

There for Tomorrow

What can I say about this band??? Well, they are a young group from Florida, with absolutely AMAZING talent! Of course, some of you wonderful music lovers might not be a huge fan of rock music, but I highly suggest you open your heart and give the a listen because I ended up falling in love with them and I hope you do, too. =] Their full debut albumn just came out on June 9th [ A Little Faster ] and as soon as I found out, I had to buy it!

The cd A Little Faster is memorable and awesome, with mixtures of acoustic and Indie/Rock with the wonderful sounds of Alternative. The lyrics are real and down-to-earth, the sort of lyrics all teens can relate to. Their self-titled albumn is also spectacular! They've won the MTVU Woodie Award for breakout artist of the year, beating the amazing bands All Time Low and We the Kings.

Maika Maile and his beautiful, soaring voice is the lead vocalist of the band, along with Guitar and Programming.

Christian Climer does Guitar and Vocals.

Christopher Kamrada does Drums and Samples.

Jay Enriquez does Bass and Vocals.

Have you ever found that crush you play games with, the kind of games where we pretend and play around the bush, trying to make the other one cave in and make a move because we're afraid of what might happen?
Or the person who's alone and confused with how they feel and depend on other people for the happiness and get away they need?Or even where you don't know who's winning the game that got out of control, you or your crush?These are explained in the catchy metaphors and rythmns of There for Tomorrow. That we all feel that way in some point. Actually, they highly remind me of the band My Chemical Romance, but not so violent. It's more about the games we play with love and basicaly are for the teens who use music to explain how the feel. I highly recommend them and hope you fall in love with them, too. To find more information about them, you can find them on or and check out interviews and music videos on and . I hope you enjoy!!!!

<3 Kiki

P.S.- Who else here likes to use music as a way to explain how we feel inside??? I know I do!

P.P.S- Here's one of my favorite songs from their new cd.


zettaelliott said...

they sound good, but what is with the lead singer's hair?!

Taste Life Twice said...

You always introduce me to the best stuff! I was just listening to Love Me Dead and now I must go download this. Which one is Gerard Way's band? I'm waiting on that post. It is only a matter of time. lolz Haha I bet you like the lead singer's emo haircut, too. lolz


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