Monday, August 3, 2009

Music MONDAYY!!!!!

Hello dear followers!!!

This wonderful Music Monday will be:

Artist of the Week!!!!


This week's artist of the week for you music lovers will be an artist recommended to me by zettaelliott. As promised, I took a listen to Asa and I loved what I heard. I liked how it's very cultural.. and catchy!!! Her voice rings in your mind for a long time, and it's amazing. She's a wonderful Nigerian singer and if you're up to keep your mind and heart open, you'd give her a listen; just in case you might like it. ;] Her stage name, Asa, means "hawk" in Youruba. She's very interesting to listen to! I enjoy the stories her music tells, and with the drums and guitar playing in symphony, it created something beautiful. Check her out on or !!

Now, if you like what you heard, please feel free to tell me your thoughts and recommendations of other artists, anybody. =]

<3 Kiki


Doret said...

Very nice and I enjoyed the video.

Anonymous said...

good-looking post! I'm so glad you featured Asa--she's phenomenally talented, but I don't know how much play she gets on the music video friend Shadra Strickland (award-winning illustrator) bought Asa's album, too, and then turned me onto jazz bassist Esperanza Spalding...I realize it means a lot to me to see an artist--a woman--playing an instrument and not just singing and shaking her butt onstage...did you listen to "So Beautiful"? My fave on the whole album...

Taste Life Twice said...

I heard "So Beautiful" and thought it was a wondeful song. It came straight from her heart and what she played was actually REAL. I also resent the whole sexy-dancing-hardly-no-clothes-on-lost-of-heart
thing some female artists got goin' on, and it's refreshing to find a talented artist who keeps true their music. =]

J.T Wilbanks said...

I've never heard of Asa before, but I'm super glad I found your blog. She's got such an elemental feel to her voice. <3

I'm a big music lover so naturally I have a coupld of people I'd like to mention.

Utada Hikaru - Record breaking Japanese artist, and most downloaded singer of the century. Most people in America have never heard of her though. She sings in both Enlish and Japanese. This is her most popular song to date -

Florence and the Machine is my current fav, they've got a nice Stevie Nicks sound to them -

MIKA, I don't even know how to descibe him, you just have to take my word for it :D -

I love the message this blog carries. <3

Taste Life Twice said...

Thank you for your comments, I love the participation!!! =D

I will definitely take a listen to your suggestions and maybe they'll be my next Artist of the Week.

But don't stop there, keep the recommendations coming! I love to hear new music of all types, so keep them comming!

<3 Kiki

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