Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Six Flags, Dunkin Donuts, and Indigo Prophecy + a Wednesday Wonder

New. York. is. Amazing!! AJA;GRIANJRDNAI;O!! And that's all in dinosaur, not lion. :D

So far I've:
Discovered that Dunkin Donuts (should be its own food group)
Had fresh bagels.
Gone to a mall so big even I "[cried] out hold, enough". (Reference)
Had Italian ices. (pretty good, very drippy)
Gone across the Brooklyn and the Manhattan Bridge.
Gone to a Barnes and Noble (bought and finished Burned)
Gone to Six Flags Grand Adventure (rode all the hugest roller coasters)
Accidentally ended up in Alphabet City (Rent!)
Gone to Ralph's! (a small sandwich shop in NJ; Best. Sandwiches. Ever. Period.)
Played Indigo Prophecy (swoon-worthy and movie-like)

Did I mention I did all of this with my only sister? The one I haven't seen in like 2 years? Bliss.

Anyhow, that's why there's no Tuesday post. On with Wednesday...

Wednesday Wonder
What books do you bring on vacation? Do you buy books while you're on vacation? Do you ever get the chance to read them?

Tashi <3


J.T Wilbanks said...

Last week I went with my family to Gatlinburg TN, which is kinda like the hick version of Las Vegas. Only with more Dolly Parton wannabes than Elvis look-a-likes.

I took: Lock and Key, by Sarah Dessen, Almost Like Being in Love by Steve Kluger, and The Land of Elyon, by Patrick Carmen.

They were life savers. I don't know how much of my family I could have stood.

Sounds like you had an awesome time.


Tara said...

What fun! I like to buy a new book to take with me. Sometimes I'll buy it once we get to the place--much better than a souvenior.

MissAttitude said...

i always take books with me (especially on road trips). I have a paranoia of being bored on a trip and not having anything to read! lol. i usually end up buying books anyway, but whatever. And i rarely read all the books I bring because I'm too busy. then the cycle repeats on the next vacation. I never learn!

a flight of minds said...

It sounds like you are having a bunch of fun! :D That's so great that you get to spend time with your sister!

I recently went on a trip for a weekend. I read Gone by Michael Grant (all 600 pages of it) and read it on the trip there. Way back, I read Sophomore Switch by Abby Macdonald. I did buy a lot of books too- went to a Book Warehouse outlet, and bought a TON. :)

Oh, you have awards here.

- Alex

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