Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Liar Cover!

If you've read my previous posts, you know that I was pretty outraged about the Liar cover controversy.
There's a new cover now! :D
It comes out in October. I'm buying two copies.
Thanks to Ari, who's blog I first saw this on.
Read Justine Larbalestier's post about it. She had a hand in designing it.
A Question: If Bloomsbury really didn't see anything wrong with the first cover, they would have stuck to their guns, claiming it represented the book. I guess this is their backwards way of apologizing. It almost makes me not want to buy it. Almost.
And am I the only one that realizes this girl has light skin, hazel eyes, and hair that isn't exactly cut short to her head or nappy? One step at a time.


Anonymous said...

my point's one step forward, one step back...still a very pretty girl, still NOT what the main character looks like, from what I've heard...isn't she supposed to be able to pass for a boy?

Phoenix said...

My impression: well, the main character's mixed, right? So it's a plausible way she could look if she weren't described differently. Which, of course, she was.

The bigger problem I have is that it looks suspiciously like the model's skin is darker, but was digitally lightened, which is the most charming display of Not Getting It I've seen this week. And I'm not sure, but her hairline looks fake.

lulugirl_9 said...

I'm glad they are changing it. Now at least it relates somewhat to the character. And I agree, if they didn't think anything was wrong, then they wouldn't have changed it.

Unless they were tired of the rants and disagreements with it.


Taste Life Twice said...

They wouldn't change the cover because they're sick of complaints. They'll always do whatever results in the most profit, so they wouldn't spend money on a photo shoot out of annoyance. They might have, however, and probably did, because they new no one was going to buy from them unless they got a new cover. I, for one, was totally going for the Australian publisher's version.

Color Online said...


Don't you know every black woman, especially every dark-skinned woman notices the complexion and eyes.

Still, we got some acknowledgment, some action.

We aren't going away. We will grow in voice and influence so they'll have plenty of opportunity to grow, too.

Doret said...

I am very happy with this new cover. Its all about baby steps and this is actually a huge baby step. I didn't even think Bloomsbury would even consider changing the cover, let alone put a Black girl it.

We must give Bloomsbury credit for doing the right thing. And no they didn't have to. Many a times folks have been outraged by something and written letters and nothing has changed.

You can't not buy this book. If this book doesn't sell well it will prove Bloomsbury right. These sales will be tracked. If we want to see more people of color on YA books Liar must SELL WELL. Besides it looks like a really good book.

MissAttitude said...

I'm cool with the cover. Do I wish the model was darker? yes. more true to the character in the book? yeah, but like doret said this is a huge baby step.
I don't want to hurt Justine by not buying the book just because the girl on the cover isn't dark, with nappy hair. For now, just having a black girl on the cover is nice.

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