Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Meme!: Wednesday Writing

In honor of a new school year (My first day starts in an hour!) and in honor of me thinking school started at 7:30, when it really starts at 9, I'm starting a new meme. This one is for all the writers and wannabe writers (like me) out there.

Wednesday Writing: You come here Wednesdays and I'll give you a few words to write on or a picture to write about (Or you could choose your own.) You interpret the picture as you like. But there are a couple catches.
  1. You must include the 2-3 words I choose or write about the picture I post.
  2. You must tell a story.
  3. You can't write more than 100 words.

Leave a comment with a link so I can head over and comment on your wonderful creativity. Someday I'll have a contest for the best one...but who knows when that'll be. I may just surprise you!

So are you ready? This Wednesday's words are:

  1. clock (because I obviously can't tell time)
  2. first
  3. school

My Writing:

Angie punched the clock, hoping her time card would read 9:00 a.m. Angry red numbers screamed 9:17. Late on her first day. "You're late," a peevish voice grumbled from behind her. Mr. Sneely. His reputation had almost made her reconsider switching publishing houses. Almost.

"Hello Mr. Sneely I'm-"

"Don't let it happen again." His impatience was palpable as he waddled off to his office with a grumpy look on his face. Great, thought Angie. Four years of school and two years in publishing and this is who I have to deal with everyday. I should've majored in biology.

Tashi <3

P.S. This meme was inspired by my lovely no-longer-my-english-teacher, :( Ms. Fletcher's assignmet for her Expository Reading and Writing Composition class and Susan Adrian's Tiara Day Contest.


Tara said...

Great idea.

MissAttitude said...

Cool meme, awesome idea! I can't write to save my life and what with school I probably won't be able to participate :(
BTW I'm having contests every week in Sept. This week it's for a copy of Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon.

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