Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Musings

1. Hello again. I've missed you.

2. I'm so excited to see what new books are out and what's been happening in the blogosphere.

3. I haven't stop reading, and I've read some really great books! I can't wait to share.

4. Halloween was great! I went trick-or-treating with two of my best friends. I was Freddy Kreuger. :D

5. Someone did a drive by egging. They got my ankle. My foot was sticky for the rest of the night, but it's okay. I was sticky and happy, just like most kids.

6. My Dad is trying to raid my candy. I will defend with honor.

7. I've figured out which 7 colleges I'm applying to. For most of the applications, all I need to add is my personal statement. Thank the Holy Deity.

8. I've written my personal statements, but I'm still revising.

9. Wish me luck!

10. One college has already offered me a scholarship. Problem is, it's in Alabama, and everyone in my world is in California.

11. I've caught up in all my classes. I'm drowning in B+'s though, hoping to pull them up by semester's end.

12. Except for AP Chemistry, which I'm just happy to pass.

13. I watched Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time. (Finally!) I prefer Corpse Bride. (She turns into butterflies!)

14. I also watched Rocky Horror Picture Show. Weirdest. Movie. Ever. And I usually love weird musicals. (See Rent, Sweeney Todd)

15. Speaking of, I think I will be trying out for my school's musical, to the tune of "What is this Feeling?" from Wicked.

16. Is anyone else doing college applications? We should start a Readers Against Applications Group. Haha jk

17. I can't wait for Wednesday Writing.

18. I should get some sleep. School starts way too early.

<3 Tashi


Mia said...

Rocky Horror is best when scene in a theater. It's such an experience to see a whole theater of people dressed up as characters, throwing things at the screen, acting out parts, and adding their own dialogue to the movie. It is truly unique. If you didn't see it in the theater I highly suggest it.

Tara said...

Hi! As a parent, I'm now guilty of raiding the candy bag. But in my defense, my kids are still young enough to need me to walk around with them.

MissAttitude said...

Defying Gravity, For Good and What is this Feeling are my favorite songs from Wicked. good luck!
And I have a terrible geometry teacher this year, I too will have to teach myself (and since I'm mathmatically challenged this will be bad).
I'm so scared for college apps, but at least you already have one scholarship offer! I'll definitely be needing some advice next year :)

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