Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Sum-Up

Here's a summary of what our second week in the blogosphere was like:

Monday we brought you our first Music Monday.

Tuesday we gave you a Taste of 24 girls in 7 Days by Alex Bradley.

We WoWed Rachel Vincent's My Soul to Take, showed you our interview, and linked you to Justine Larbelestier on Wednesday.

Our Throwback Thursday was 24 Girls in 7 Days. I gave you our opinion of the Liar cover controversy, and asked White readers to speak up.

Friday we showed you a Favorite Quote and shook our heads at a Twilight Google.

Saturday I took a writing challenge and dove head first into the Color Me Brown Book Challenge, reviewing Played by Dana Davidson. We reminded you that we needed 9 more followers (now it's 5!) to add another book to our contest.

And now we're summing it all up.

Thanks for another great week, guys! You'll see us tomorrow.

Tashi <3

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